Supporting veterans and their families

RSL Australia is proud to partner with The Australian Remembrance Foundation to be a part of the Lest We Forget Anzac Day Tribute.

RSL Australia has led the nation in commemorative services to honour and remember all those who have served since the Returned & Services League of Australia was formed in 1916.

Initially, Anzac Day commemorated those who served and sacrificed their lives in the Great War. However, in the years since WWI, Australian troops have answered the call in conflicts across the globe, and the date has become the day on which we remember all those who have served and honour our Defence men and women.

This Anzac Day we encourage all Australians to take time to reflect on ANZAC Day in a way that means the most to them and, if you’re in a position to do so, please consider donating to the RSL Foundation:

For nearly 100 years, Legacy has supported veterans’ families in times of great need. Born out of the trenches of WWI with a promise a soldier made to his dying mate, “to look after the missus and kids”.

Today Legacy keeps that promise alive by supporting over 43,000 widows, widowers, children, and persons with a disability across Australia. Providing stability, guidance, and assistance to ensure these families are never alone.

Legacy is volunteer run with over 4,000 volunteers, or Legatees, serving nationwide.Their tireless work ensures children are never disadvantaged as a result of their parents’ service.

This Anzac Day, give back to the families who have given so much.